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Page of the VME: Information and Registration

This field is where you can upload an image that will appear at the top of the microsite and behind the login box when attendees are logging into your event. Please note that the login box appears in the middle of the screen, so it will cover some of the content of the hero shot on that page. The login page is able to be previewed by selecting Open Login Page on the Overview page of the VME.

You can choose to add text to this image in a couple of ways. You can add text to the image using whatever image editing tool that you are using. For more details please see What can I use to find or edit images?. Alternatively you can add text to appear over this image on the microsite/registration page by using the
Hero Shot Overlay Text

box further down on the Information and Registration page in the VME or by clicking the checkbox next to Show Title. Show Title will have the event title show over top of the header image. The way this Show Title displays is not editable, so if the text must be customizable, uncheck that box and use the Hero Shot Overlay Text.
Make sure to click “Save Information” at the bottom of the page after any updates to save your work!

Location on Information and Registration Page:


Preview in a demo event's microsite:
Preview in a demo event's login page:

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