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Page of the VME: Speakers

This feature allows you to send an email from the vConferenceOnline system (specifically to any of the selected speakers on the Speakers Page.

To select a speaker or speakers please check the box next to their name in either the This Event’s Speaker(s) section or the Your Remaining Master Speaker(s) list section. Once the speakers have been selected, click on the Email Speakers hyperlink on the Speakers Page.

Fill in the remaining fields as desired.

Email Subject*:

  • This field allows you to set the email subject. We recommend that you make this something recognizable so that your speakers know the purpose of the email.

Email Body:

  • This field allows you to set the email body text. You can set this either using the text editor or using HTML by clicking on the “Source” button in the editor pane.


  • You can attach a file or files here up to 24MB in total.

Once you have set all features as desired click on the Send Email button at the bottom of the page to send the email to your speakers.

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