On Demand Delay in Hours

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This field sets the delay in hours between when a session begins to play in the Session Room and when the session becomes available in the On Demand section of the event. If this delay is set to 0, the default, the video will be available immediately in the On Demand section of the event once the session begins in the Session Room as scheduled.

Important Notes:

  • This can be changed at any time in the course of the event including prior to the event, during the live event, and after the live event is over.
  • This delay is across the entire event, so the sessions will roll into the On Demand based on the delay and their session times. If you are planning on allowing all sessions to appear in the On Demand at the same time you can delay the sessions by the number of hours after the first session begins that you would like them to appear in the On Demand to prevent the sessions from appearing in the On Demand section. When you are ready for all of the videos to appear you can set this value to 0 to release all session videos to the On Demand at the same time.

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