Primary Theme Color

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This field allows you to set the Primary Theme Color throughout your event. This can be a HEX value (note: do not forget the # at the beginning) or the HTML color name which will be presented in a dropdown box. If nothing is entered in this field the default is #DC461D which is Burnt Orange .

The color will be featured in the following places:

  • Title Bar in the Exhibition Hall
  • Title Bar in the Chat Lounge
  • Title Bar in the Resource Center
  • Title Bar in the Sessions Lobby
  • Title Bar in the On Demand Video
  • Title Bar in the Help Center
  • Expand/Collapse button in all Exhibitor booths
  • Exhibitor Chat Button in all Exhibitor booths
  • Exhibitor Chat header in all Exhibitor booths
  • Buttons, some text, and new chat indicators in the Chat Lounge
  • Booth name and Item Name text in Resource Center for all booths
  • “Enter Now” buttons in the Sessions Lobby for all Session Rooms
  • Text in all Session Room boards in the Sessions Lobby
  • Button Colors in the Session Rooms
  • Session titles in the On Demand VIdeo page
  • Button Color in the On Demand Player Page
  • Session Title and Speaker Name text color in the On Demand Player Page
  • Some text color in the Help Center
  • Hover color for all icons in the Help Center
  • Text in the lower right corner of every page that links to vConferenceOnline’s privacy policy

Make sure to click “Save Information” at the bottom of the page after any updates to save your work!

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