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This field will allow you to select an exhibitor to Sponsor this session. A session can have a maximum of one sponsor but it is not required to have a sponsor for any sessions. If a session has a sponsor selected the Sponsor Image for that exhibitor will show on the sessions listing in the programmatic schedule, under the Session Description in the On Demand Video area of the event, and, if enabled, on the Session Board when the session is currently playing or the next upcoming session.
Please submit a ticket to our support team here if you would like to enable the Sponsor Image appearing on the Session Boards in the Session Lobby.

If one or more exhibitors have been created for the event the Session Sponsor dropdown will populate with the exhibitor names. Select the sponsor name to assign that sponsor to this specific session.

Location on the Session Edit Page:

Please navigate to the Sponsor Image article to see examples of the Sponsor Image in the Session Lobby and on the registration page.

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