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*This is an article intended for event admins only at this time. If you are an attendee looking for your certificate for an event, please navigate to the Help Center inside of your event. You can alternatively submit a ticket to our help desk team here.*

You can build your certificate for your event by clicking on Set Certificate on this page in the VME. Once on that page,
Certificate Background Image

  • This field allows you to set a background image for the certificate by uploading an image.
  • If this is smaller than the screen resolution it is appearing on, it will tile behind the certificate information; ensure that this will not make the text unreadable.

Use Interactive/Enduring Logic

  • This field will allow the attendees to view all courses that they have achieved credit for when checked. This will present information for each course passed including the Course ID, Credit Type (Online Enduring if taken On Demand and Online Interactive if taken live), Credit Hours, Course Title, Speaker, Test Result, and the Date that the attendee passed the quiz.
  • This can be left unchecked if an overall event certificate without individual credits listed is desired.

Setting a Header for Certificate

  • This field allows you to set a header for the certificate. This content will show at the top of the page prior to any credit information that may or may not appear. This field is HTML enabled to allow for embedding images, video, or other elements if desired.
  • It is highly recommended to use some replaceable parameters to personalize the certificate. Below are a list of the replaceable parameters:
    • FIRSTNAME# This will input the attendees first name
    • LASTNAME# This will input the attendees last name
    • ADDRESS# - this will show the attendee’s address if provided
    • TRACKER# - this will show the attendee’s online education tracker if provided

You can embed an image in this field however you will need to have the URL for that image hosted on a publicly accessible site. Click on the ‘Image’ button (second row, third in from the right) and paste the URL of that image there to embed at the top of the certificate.

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