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There are four checkboxes that determine which signs show up in the conference lobby (first page attendees see when first logging into the event). These four signs can be either in the middle of the page or at the bottom of the page in the conference lobby and indicate the different areas of the event the attendee can go to from there: sessions lobby, exhibitor lobby, help center, and chat lounge.

**Make sure to click “Save Information” at the bottom of the page after any updates to save your work!


Show Sessions

  • The sessions lobby is the room where they can navigate to to select which session room to enter (if you have multiple tracks, they will have multiple options to choose from).

Show Exhibitors

  • The exhibitor lobby is where attendees will go to view exhibitor/vendor/sponsor/poster booths, if applicable.

Show Chat

  • Chat lounge is a general chat room for attendees, vendors, and admins of the event, not associated with a specific session. Contact the event support in the lower right corner on any page of the VME to set this up for the event. Note: It is best practice to create a room within the chat lounge for questions from attendees regarding specific content questions and other non-technical questions and requests.

Show Help Center
The help center is where attendees, vendors, and event admins can navigate to for….

  • Technical support -
    • This is where you will be able to access in-event technical support. 30 minutes before your first session of the day this will transition from a ticket-based support system to an automated support which can be escalated to a live team member as needed. This is for technical assistance of any attendees if they have issues viewing videos, getting clear audio, or other technical questions within the event platform. Event Admins can also submit a 911 request here for an event-wide emergency. Click HERE to see our escalation documentation and the appropriate requests. Note: This is only applicable to the event on the live dates while there are sessions ongoing.
    • Please provide a contact (preferably email) to your event coach in case the attendee needs to get in contact with your team!
  • Schedule -
    • If enabled, this shows the schedule of sessions for your event. Upload a PDF in the VME to replace the default schedule listing.
  • Attendee Transcript -
    • If enabled, this provides the attendee with a list of the sessions that they viewed. This is a really simple list that gives them the date they requested the transcript, their name, the event name, and the sessions they watched.
  • Session downloads -
    • All available downloadable materials associated with the sessions are located here, along with in the session itself. These include all files uploaded to Slides, Scripts, and Transcripts.
  • Session Survey -
    • This is an overall event survey to allow participants to evaluate their experience with the event. Please find instructions on turning this on under Enable Overall Event Survey and updating this under Survey URL.
  • Giveaway Score -
    • This allows the attendee to see how many points they have accrued from the values assigned to their actions within the event mentioned above. This must be turned on by your event coach or our production team who can be contacted by using the "Help" widget in the lower right corner of any VME page or by navigating to here.
  • Available quizzes-
    • If you have quizzes associated with your event attendees will be able to take quizzes that they missed during the session here in the Help Center. Due to the settings you create for each quiz, they will also have to have completed viewing a certain amount of the video in order to pass as well.

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