Enable Sessions Lobby/Exhibit Hall(s)/On-Demand

Page of the VME: Core Information

These three fields allow you to enable or disable these areas of your event. They are on by default but you can deactivate a section of your event by unchecking any of these boxes.
Important Notes:

  • If you update this while people are in the event they will still be able to access these sections of your event due to their system having cached the event layout prior to you update them.
  • Unchecking these boxes, which disables the section, does not automatically remove the sign from the lobby. You will need to proceed to the Information and Registration page of your VME to adjust any signage in your lobby.

Enable Sessions Lobby

  • This box, when checked, will enable the Sessions Lobby in the event. This will allow the attendees to view the simu-live or live scheduled sessions in the Session Rooms.

Enable Exhibit Hall(s)

  • This box, when checked, will enable the Exhibit Hall in the event. This includes all of the sub-lobbies for your event.

Enable On-Demand

  • This box, when checked, will enable the On Demand Video section of the event. This allows attendees to view the sessions whenever they would like after the session has appeared at the scheduled time in the session lobby.

Make sure to click “Save Information” at the bottom of the page after any updates to save your work!

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