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The Conversation Hall is a great conversational tool where your attendees can voice/video chat to discuss the event, sessions, exhibitors- anything they'd like! Attendees will be able to create custom rooms, private chat, share their screen and so much more. Even better, it's FREE! This is powered by Wonder. To set up Wonder for your event, you will need to generate a Wonder ID, which you can do so HERE.

Once you have set up your space, you will need to copy the space ID from the link (after "?spaceid=") and paste it into the Wonder ID field (don't forget to click save).
This will activate The Conversation Hall which is accessed on the Chat Lounge page where there will be a button at the top of the list of chat rooms.

To learn more about Wonder, please visit their website HERE.

Example of the 'Conversation Hall' button inside the Chat Lounge:

Example of Wonder in the Conversation Hall (with custom rooms):

Location in the VME:

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