Cleaning up the VME

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your provided user id and password.
  3. In the “Event” drop down, select the event and click “Go to Event”
    1. Note: if you do not see the event, you are not an admin. Go back to the Complete Member Company Assignment step to set yourself up as an admin.
  4. Update the following tabs.


  1. Click “New Speaker”
  2. Update the following fields
    1. First Name
      1. Enter “Sample”
    2. Last Name
      1. Enter “Speaker”
  3. Click “Save Speaker”


  1. Click “Set Rooms/Track Names”
  2. Update the following fields
    1. Track/Room ID
      1. Enter “1”
    2. Track/Room Name
      1. Enter “Room 1”
  3. Click “Save Track/Room”
  4. Return to the Sessions tab.
  5. Click “Edit” in the “Edit” column for the Sample Session #1
  6. Update the following fields
    1. Speaker 1:
      1. Select Sample Speaker
    2. Section
      1. Select Room 1
    3. Description
      1. Enter “This is a sample Session”
  7. Click “Save Session”
  8. Click "Set Certificate"
  9. Clear out any information in the "Certificate Header"
    1. Exception: If this event already has a known certificate, ensure that the information entered matches only to this specific event. Remove all information that refers to a previous event.


  1. Click “New Exhibitor”
  2. In the Copy from a Previous Event Booth: (optional), select “ACME, Inc.” from any previous event. Then click “Copy Booth”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Save Exhibitor”

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