Complete Conference Event Management

Click on "Conference Event Management (including duplicate)" and then enter "client' in the search by title field. Then click "Go!"
Click "Duplicate" in the row that has a code of "SAND01".
Update the following fields:

  • New Code
    • [CLIENT]##
      • Replace [CLIENT] with the client code created in the previous step (if a new client) or the client code (if not a new client)
      • Important Note: The ## should be a sequential number starting with 01. If this is not the client's first event it should correspond with their event number (i.e. 02, 03, 04, etc.). It is critical that the event code be unique to this event only.
        • You can confirm if the client code has been used before following the below steps:
          • Navigate to 
          • Key the proposed client code in the empty box immediately to the right of the "event" hyper link.
          • Click "Event"
          • If an event setting page appears this event code is already in use. Please try a different Event Code.
          • If an event setting page does not appear this event code is not in use and can be used for this new event.
  • New Date
    • If known, enter the start date of the event. If not known enter the beginning of the month 3 months out.

Once these fields are complete click "Duplicate Conference". Once this is complete search for "Client" again and click "ALL" in the settings column for the event that matches the new code that was created.
On the following event settings page update the following fields:

  • Title
    • Enter the name of the client followed by "Event"
  • Reg Page
    • Update this URL's last 4 digits (expected to be numberical) to match the last 4 digits of the current page's URL
      • This is the conference number.
  • Info Page
    • Copy the data from "Reg Page" and paste it here.
  • Sponsor
    • Type in the full client name.
  • Client
    • Choose the Client code in the drop down box.
  • Reg Template
    • Copy the data from "Reg Page" and paste it here.
  • Email info
    • Update the final 4 digits (expected to be numerical) of the URL under "Instructions to attend" step 2 to match the last 4 digits of the current page's URL.
      • This is the conference number

Once the above fields are updated click "Save Conference". Then return to and proceed to register them for the event.

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