How to create a vConferenceOnline Member ID for an event admin

  1. Log into
    1. Use your provided username and password
  2. Click New VConf Member
  3. Enter the e-mail address provided in the onboarding email
  4. Enter Expire Date
    1. Note: key in any date far in the future. Example: 01/01/3000
  5. Enter First Name
  6. Enter Last Name
  7. No other information is required, but you can add it in if you have it.
  8. Click Add Member
  9. Copy the Member ID that appears on the page
  10. Click Administration to return to the admin page
  11. Click VCONF Member Research
  12. Enter the Member ID (can also search on last name or email address if you forgot to get the Member ID)
  13. If necessary, you can use “Enter Note/Xaction”
    1. This allows us to make notes on an account that might appear on a report that the client can pull.
    2. Often, this will be used for refunds. If doing a refund, write in amount “-AMOUNT” to make a note for the reports.
  14. Navigate to
  15. Search for the member using the Member ID
  16. Update password for the new member, then click Update
    1. Often brief description of the conference (I.E. Burn) and the year (I.E. 2020)
  17. If creating a new event, proceed to create the client.

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