Creating a client in Dev Admin

Note: If the client has already been created, please navigate to Complete Conference Event Management.

  1. Log into
    1. Login using the provided username and password.
  2. Create Client
    1. Click Clients
    2. Then click New Client
      1. Client:
        1. Shortened Code for the client - ensure that this name has not already been used for another client
      2. Full Name
        1. Enter the full name of company
      3. Contact Us:
        1. Enter the email address from the contact
      4. Privacy
        1. Leave blank
      5. Member Cookie
        1. Enter vcmemberid
      6. Member Table
        1. Enter tbl_vconfmembers
      7. Reg Table
        1. Enter Tbl_conference2
      8. Reporting URL
        1. Enter EventsByClient.aspx?Client=CLIENTCODE
          1. Note: CLIENTCODE should be copied from the Client field above.
    3. Click Save Client
  3. Return to the vconference admin page and proceed to Complete Member Company Assignment.

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