Notes on custom coding

A large number of the fields are HTML enabled. Below are some tools that can be used to help troubleshoot any code that you may be attempting to use.
Where to test your code

  • We recommend that each item is tested thoroughly before the event using an HTML sandbox editor such as or through your HTML editor.

Tips on specific parameters

  • Please use

    instead of




    or other formatting. If you choose to use html formatting that is not

    your booth may not display as expected on all browsers for all attendees.

Adjusting CSS

  • We do not, at this time, support adjusting the CSS on any of our pages. If you choose to bypass this in any way you accept full responsibility for any coding and troubleshooting as our team will not be able to help troubleshoot your custom coding.

Additional Help

  • If you would like additional help troubleshooting your code our technical team is available at an additional cost. Please open a ticket here to let us know if this is something you would like to opt into.

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