Notes on Importing Registrations (Attendees)

Page of the VME: Imports

You have the opportunity to import your registrations if you are using a third party registration site for your event and not leveraging the API to automatically push the registrations to the vConferenceOnline system.

This page provides a template and the specifications for the import document. Do not adjust the column titles, sheet name, or document name prior to uploading the file to the vConferenceOnline system. Follow the specifications on this page extremely carefully for a successful import.

The required information for the attendee import includes first name, last name, email address, and a password. If attendees did not set their own password during registration, a new password will need to be assigned. Attendees can be assigned unique passwords, or all the same; it is at the event organizer’s discretion. Whatever is put in this field will be the exact password that the attendee will need to use.

A few notes:

  • If no information is given for all fields other than amount or regtype, mark NA.
  • Do not mark NA for amount. If this information is not applicable, mark 0. Amount must be a numeric value.
  • Regtype restricts an attendee’s access based on track ID or across several sections of the platform. This must be set up with your event coach or the support team prior to beginning imports and must match exactly what is provided from your event coach or the support team. This is the only field that can be blank, so if no regtypes are set up leave this blank.

All fields, except regtype, must have content in them, even if just NA (or 0 in amount). If there is an error with your import, we will attempt to troubleshoot, but it will delay the import of your attendees, so please be extremely careful when formatting this import file.

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