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Page of the VME: Core Information

To upload all background images to the event click ‘CLICK HERE’ below ‘Upload background images or video (mp4)’.

Please note that this does not include the conference lobby background (update that on the Information and Registration page of the VME).

Make sure to click “Save Information” at the bottom of the page after any updates to save your work! and are recommended for free stock backgrounds. If needing to make graphic edits, but lacking software for this, it is recommended to use to do this. It is free, but the pro version also gives access to an extensive stock image and MP4 library.

Important Note:

  • The files must be a “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.gif”, “.bmp”, “.png”, or “.mp4” in order to be uploaded successfully.
  • It is recommended that these are a 16:9 ratio as this works with most computer screens.

Below are the specific images you can upload on this page:

Session Lobby Background Image 
Session Player Page Background Image 
Lobby Background
On Demand Lobby Background Image 
On Demand Player Page Background
Exhibition Hall Background 
Help Center Background Image 
Chat Lounge Background Image 
Resource Center Background Image 

Location in the VME: Core Information:

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