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This field allows you to upload a filler video. The most successful End Session Videos commonly include sponsor information, speaker bios, information about the company hosting the event, or pictures from previous events. This End Session Video will play in a session room any time there is no scheduled content. This means that the video will play if a pre-recorded video ends before the session is scheduled to end, if a scheduled session has no video uploaded, or if there is no scheduled session in a room. It is important to note that this End Session Video will not play if a live stream is ended early for a live streamed session.

This file can be uploaded on this page at any time, however it will need time to encode to our system standards before it is viewable. It may take as much as 2 minutes for every 1 minute of video to complete the encoding process.

We recommend that this video is at least one hours in length to cover large gaps between sessions as it will not loop automatically if an attendee stays in the session room while it is playing. The file should be smaller than 800 MB, just like the session videos. If the file is larger than 800 MB please compress the video and reattempt the upload process.

Make sure to click “Save Information” at the bottom of the page after any updates to save your work!

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