How do I add a video or live stream link to a session?

Page of the VME: Sessions

Uploading a video

  • Click “edit” in the video column next to the session where you need to upload a video. On the following page click on “Choose File” and select the file from your local system.
  • This file should be 800MB or smaller.
  • Please give the system time to finish processing the file before testing the preview. It is recommended to wait 1-2 hours prior to testing after upload. The system supports the upload of more files while waiting for the system to finish processing the other(s).
  • If you need to remove a video, click on the checkbox next to “Remove MP4 Video” and click “Update”.
  • Please note that this video does not loop, so ensure that your video length matches the Session times.

Live Streaming URL

  • Click “edit” in the video column next to the session where you need to input the Live Streaming URL.
  • If live streaming using a vConferenceOnline RTMP server, your event coach will provide you with a “Full Video URL” which should be uploaded in the Full URL on this page.
  • If live streaming using a Youtube Live stream, the "Share" URL should be uploaded in the FUll URL on this page. 
  • Do not upload a video file and include a link in the Full Video URL field for the same session.
  • Do not upload any other URLs in this area as there are no other options for live streaming supported at this time.

Preview a Video

  • Once a session video has been uploaded and ample time has been allowed for processing, click View under the video column to preview the video.

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