How do I add questions and answers to my quiz?

Page of the VME: Sessions

Please note: a quiz must be created first. Follow the steps outlined under How do I set up a quiz for a session? for further details.

Adding Questions

  • Click Questions next to the appropriate quiz to add questions and answers.
  • For each question that is desired for the quiz, follow the below steps:
  • Enter the Question in the “Question:” field
  • Select the type of Answer in the dropdown menu
    • Drop Down List only allows a single selection from a preset list of options.
    • Radio Buttons allows multiple selections from a preset list of options.
    • Text box allows a free text response from the registrant and requires a very specific response to pass.
  • Click “Save Question”

Adding Answers

  • Navigate to where you input the questions
  • Click “Answers” to input the answers for the selected question.
  • Input one answer at a time.
    • Please note that you can only add in a single correct answer per question and a correct answer must be selected.
    • If using the text box, only input one answer and mark that correct.

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