What is a Section in an Exhibitor or Poster Booth?

Sections are a way to organize your booth and the information that it contains. Each section that is created will appear as a button on the side of the booth to help organize your booth into different categories. This helps the attendees to easily navigate your booth and obtain the information that they are looking for. It is also required to have at least one section if you are wanting to upload any Item(s) that are trackable.
The Section Name has a limit of 25 characters, however letter spacing/kerning may reduce the number of letters you can use in a given Section Name. Make sure to preview your booth buttons using the Preview function to confirm spacing.
There are no programmatic limits to the number of section buttons that you can have in your booth, however we recommend that there are fewer than 12 sections in a single booth for attendee usability.
To create a new section, please follow the steps outlined in the How to create a new section in your booth article.
This Sections page will also allow you to Edit or Delete a section. Please note that if a section is deleted we will not be able to recover your deleted section. This will also mean that any items previously assigned to that section will need to be assigned to a new section to prevent any errors on the exhibitor booth.

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