Poster Presenters - Exhibitor Edit Screen

Items you will need:

  • 150x150px image that lets attendees know your poster title (Header Image)
  • 200x300px image that is either a headshot of you or a larger version of your poster title (Logo)
  • Poster Abstract
  • Poster PDF (or .doc, .docx, etc.)
  • Poster video (optional)

We understand that as a poster presenter you likely will have fewer assets than an exhibitor and would like a more streamlined approach to your booth. Once you have all of the assets for your booth this process should take you less than 15 to 30 minutes. The below fields are all contained on the "Exhibitor Edit" screen and each has a corresponding article which is linked below.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Name
URL of Exhibitor's Website
Contact Us URL for post event attendee inquiries
Backgrounds (including Background Type and Background Image)
Header Image
No Chat
Booth Welcome Description (Note: we would recommend that you put your poster abstract in this field)

Once you have completed these fields, you will need to create a section that is titled "Poster PDF" or "Poster PDF and Video". You can create that section using the steps located in the Section(s) article.

Once that section has been completed you will need to upload your poster pdf and/or video. You can upload those to your booth using the steps outlined in the Item(s) article.

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