What is the Overview page in the VME?

The Overview page is the main landing page after logging into the VME and selecting the desired event. This page includes a large amount of read-only information but also has links to some actionable information.

The top of this page displays your Event Coach or Project Manager. Immediately below that there is a listing of the numbers of sessions, speakers, and exhibitors you have created for your event.

There are also some Vital Signs for your event, including the number of total registrations for your account, the number of registrants who have attended your event, and the number of attendees in sessions at that point in time.

Immediately below that is a Red-Alert Show Priority Support section. This is specifically for your 911 days-of support that is intended for system outage and global support issues. Please note the Red Alert ID and the Incident Escalation Policy as those include critical bits of information about this emergency in-event support. There is also a link to a Platform System Status to review if there are any known issues with the platform at that time.

You can also access all aspects of your event by using the links under “Preview your Event”. The Registration Page and Login Page links are live and can be distributed as needed. You can access your reporting on this page by clicking on either of the links under Event Reporting.

Below this are some actionable areas including:

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