What is the Sessions page in the VME?

The Sessions page of the VME allows you to edit or delete sessions, search sessions, upload session videos, set the track/rooms for the Session Lobby, create quizzes, and set the certificate as applicable.

This page is separated into two main sections which are the header section and the sessions grid.

Header Section

  • This section of the page allows you to create a new session, use the schedule checker, set room/track names, set quiz(zes), set up the certificate, and perform the session audit as part of your go-live.

Session Grid

  • This section of the page allows you to see all of the sessions for your event. You can upload a video to a session, preview any uploaded videos, view/set any poll(s) for a session, edit the session information, delete a session, and view some basic information for the session in this area.

Important Notes:

  • Deleting a session, quiz, or poll is a permanent action and you will need to recreate the item.
  • A room or track must be created prior to creating a session.
  • At least one speaker must be created in the system prior to creating a session.

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